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Potentially record breaking sweetpotato harvest on Lima city balcony!!!!

A city balcony in Lima has just seen a potentially record breaking sweetpotato harvest!!!

Record sweet potato harvest.

A record sweetpotato harvest

The marvelous crop of 3.5 kg from one single plant translates (with the adequate assumption on the area occupied by the plant) to up to 182.292 tons of sweetpotato per hectare!!! The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations reports world average yields of only 13.109 tons per hectare.

“Among the reasons for this phenomenal success are not only the favourable climate with abundant sunshine, but also the use of high quality planting material, a careful management of soil fertility and the application of sound agronomic practices” says the justly proud owner and manager of the farm.

(And now for the more serious minded: The point is that growing food even with the limited space of a city balcony is possible. It may not bring a huge production, but adds at least from time to time a bit of own-produced food to the table, is enjoyable, great fun for the kids and gives for nice conversation with like-minded people.) 


Practice what you’re preaching!

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What??? Well, why just talk about agriculture? Do it!

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