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New Journal: “Bio-based and Applied Economics”

Just got aware of the new journal Bio-based and Applied Economics. According to the journal homepage,

Bio-based and Applied Economics is a free-access on-line journal promoted by the Italian Association of Agricultural and Applied Economics (AIEAA). Although mainly devoted to scholars and well established researchers BAE also encourages submissions by young researchers, teams involved in ongoing research projects and also relevant actors in the field of bio-economy and related public policies.
BAE publishes contributions on the economics of bio-based industries, such as agriculture, forestry, fishery and food, dealing with any related disciplines, such as resource and environmental economics, consumer studies, regional economics, innovation and development economics.

It is really nice to see that it is open access, thus adding a nice new option to the still relatively closed agricultural economics landscape.

An article of high interest for the work in the Global Futures project may be Tools for Integrated Assessment in Agriculture. State of the Art and Challenges by Wolfgang Britz, Martin van Ittersum, Alfons Oude Lansink and Thomas Heckelei.