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Rather very far foresight

This blog is about foresight. And here is a nice site on foresight of the more ambitious kind: Centauri Dreams – Imagining and Planning Interstellar Exploration.

Thinking in the long run, Earth may be hit by a asteroide of the size that wiped out the dinosaurs approximately every 100 million years (at least according to that not so well documented source I just found). For this reason alone, not to speak about any other adverse factors that might put the survival of our human race into jeopardy, moving out to other planets might be a reasonable strategy of risk diversification. We might be well advised to dedicate at least a little bit of time to reflecting about these issues.

Or, to say it with the blog:

Ultimately, the challenge may be as much philosophical as technological: to reassert the value of the long haul in a time of jittery short-term thinking.


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