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Looking for data and data repositories? Check out!

During my search for a suitable repository for publishing data and code of our potato trade network analysis, @hauschke and @pampel pointed me to is a global registry of data repositories with the mission to

present repositories for the permanent storage and access of data sets to researchers, funding bodies, publishers and scholarly institutions. In the course of this mission aims to promote a culture of sharing, increased access and better visibility of research data.

Currently, contains over 600 data repositories which are accessible either by browsing through the catalogue or via a search facility. A really useful resource!


Really a Nontraded Commodity? – Datasets and code now available

05/12/2013 4 comments

Figure 1: Trade network for fresh potatoes.The most successful contribution to this blog is (a little to my own surprise) our analysis of the international potato trade network Really a Nontraded Commodity?

For all those who are interested in what’s behind that work, or who want to take the analysis further, or simply want to know how these graphs have been produced we have now made the matrices of bilateral trade in fresh, frozen, and seed potatoes as well as the R code publicly available.

All data comes with a Creative Commons license and is openly accessible at the zenodo repository.

(Thanks, zenodo, for this great service!)