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New documentation of the IMPACT model available

The International Food Policy Institute (IFPRI) has just published the documentation for the latest version of the International Model for Policy Analysis of Agricultural Commodities and Trade (IMPACT). It is available either via the IMPACT model web page on the IFPRI website or from IFPRI’s publications repository.


Geographic targeting for the Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) research program

CIAT DAPA writes about the RTB Priority Setting Background Analysis Meeting which took place last week at the CIAT headquarters in Cali, Colombia.

The Economist Global Food Security Index

With its Global Food Security Index, the Economist Intelligence Unit is offering a highly valuable tool for analyzing global food security situation. Apart from providing an overall score of food security, the index offers detailed information on the three pillars of food security – Affordability, Availability and Quality & Safety – across 105 countries. All in all, the index combines information about 25 unique indicators using data from FAO, World Bank, IMF, WTO, the Economist Intelligence Unit itself, and others.

Via the website of the index it is possible to explore the index by regions and countries, or to find out about key linkages between country level scores of the index and the underlying factors. Furthermore, it is very nice that it is possible to download a file with the full data set used to construct the index – indeed a very useful  resource.

It is only a little sad that the Terms of Use seem to be overly restrictive, making it too complicated to, for example, embellish this post with the nice global overview map. How about putting it all under a CC license?

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RTB Priority Setting Background Analysis Meeting

CIAT DAPA writes about our current RTB Priority Setting Background Analysis Meeting which is taking place at the headquarters of CIAT in Cali, Colombia:

RTB (Roots, Tubers and Bananas) Workshop Starts today in Cali Colombia CIAT’s headquarters. We have 19 people from IITA, CIAT, CIP and Bioversity. One of our objectives is to test out cloud technology for sharing geographic information. We are using resources from the CGIAR Consortium for Spatial Information’s (CSI)  agreement with Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). The technology is ArcGIS Online. The four CGIAR centers are pooling together their data and putting it in ArcGIS Online.

By now we have spent two days on GIS work for geographical impact targeting, reviewing data and testing a large amount of different map overlays. It was an exciting exercise and we are looking forward for the final results coming up.

Really a nontraded commodity? A look at the international potato trade network

08/11/2012 6 comments

by Ulrich Kleinwechter and Victor Suarez.

At times it is said that the potato is a largely nontraded crop which is produced, processed, traded and consumed mostly locally (CGIAR, 2011) and which is less affected by international price movements (FAO, 2008). In contrast to this view, the IMPACT model used, among others, in the Global Futures Project incorporates the assumption of a single world market for this commodity which is characterized by perfect price transmission and in which all country level prices are determined by a single world market price. Understandable that we were somewhat unhappy with this assumption…

So, we decided to dig a bit deeper into the problem. The first step was to obtain a global perspective of international potato trade. How are potatoes traded internationally? How do international trade flows look like? What is the structure of international potato trade?

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Practice what you’re preaching!

07/11/2012 1 comment

What??? Well, why just talk about agriculture? Do it!

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